What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

Braces are the superheroes of orthodontics, swooping in to tackle all kinds of bite issues with finesse and precision. At Johnston Orthodontics, Dr. Fayth Johnston harnesses this orthodontic superpower, transforming smiles far and wide. From the common overbite to the less-known crossbite, braces are the dynamic duo’s tool of choice for straightening things out. Let’s zoom in and discover the wide array of bite irregularities that braces are perfectly poised to correct!


Overview of Bite Irregularities

Bite irregularities are like the villains disrupting the peace in the city of your mouth. But fear not, for braces are here to save the day! Let’s see what they’re up against:

  • The Sneaky Overbite: This is when your upper teeth decide to leap ahead of your lower teeth, sometimes looking like they’re on a solo mission.
  • The Undercover Underbite: Here, your lower teeth take the lead, stepping out in front of the uppers, ready for a showdown.
  • The Crafty Crossbite: A bit of a trickster, where some upper teeth get cozy behind the lower ones, creating a jumble in the bite brigade.
  • The Gap of Open Bite: Imagine a window between your upper and lower teeth when they just don’t meet, leaving a space for the wind to whistle a tune.

Dr. Johnston are on a mission, with braces as their super-tools, to bring order and harmony back to your bite. Next up, let’s leap into how they tackle each of these bite baddies, starting with the overbite.


Overbite Correction: The Upper Teeth’s Heroic Leap

In the clash against bite issues, the overbite is a frequent flier. It’s like having your upper teeth donning a superhero cape, leaping just a bit too far forward over the lower teeth. 

  • Braces to the Rescue: Armed with braces, our orthodontic heroes gently guide these adventurous upper teeth back into their proper place, aligning them harmoniously with the lower teeth.
  • Time and Patience: Correcting an overbite is a bit like a marathon, not a sprint. It requires time, typically several months to a couple of years, depending on the mission’s complexity.
  • Monitoring the Journey: Regular check-ins at  Johnston Orthodontics ensure that everything is moving according to the master plan, with adjustments made as needed.

Let’s now dive into how our orthodontic champions tackle the underbite, another notorious character in our bite saga!


Underbite Treatment: The Lower Teeth’s Bold Stand

The underbite is the valiant character where lower teeth step into the limelight, overshadowing the upper teeth. Dr. Johnston stand ready to rebalance this storyline!

  • Spotlight on the Underbite: Our story unfolds by identifying the underbite, a scenario where lower teeth boldly outstep the upper ones.
  • Enter the Braces: Like the heroes they are, braces take center stage, gently guiding the lower teeth to a position where they perfectly align under the upper teeth.
  • The Journey of Adjustment: This chapter involves regular orthodontic appointments, where each visit writes a new page in the transformation story, slowly but surely aligning the teeth in perfect harmony.

As the underbite’s narrative wraps up with a balanced and pleasing conclusion, we gear up for our next plot twist: the crossbite.


What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

Crossbite Solutions: The Orthodontic Avengers Assemble

The crossbite emerges as a cunning adversary, throwing a curveball in our heroes’ path. It’s a scenario where some upper teeth, like undercover agents, sneakily position themselves behind the lower ones. 

The Mission Briefing – Identifying the Crossbite:

  • Like spotting a disguised villain, our orthodontic superheroes identify the crossbite, marking the start of an epic corrective adventure.

Deploying the Super Gadgets – Braces in Action:

  • Armed with her trusty braces, Dr. Johnston skillfully maneuver these misaligned teeth, guiding them to their proper place in the dental universe.

The Victory Lap – Achieving Alignment:

  • Regular adjustment appointments ensure that each tooth is moving according to the grand plan, inching closer to the ultimate goal of a harmonious bite.

Coming up, we’ll soar into the skies to tackle the open bite, the final frontier in our bite correction saga.


Open Bite Treatment: Bridging the Sky-High Gap

In our orthodontic epic at  Johnston Orthodontics, tackling the open bite is like bridging a sky-high gap between two towering cliffs – the upper and lower teeth.

  • Spotting the Gap: The open bite is where teeth shy away from each other, creating an aerial space.
  • Deploying the Superheroes – Braces: These trusty tools of Dr. Johnston work tirelessly, pulling the teeth closer, much like drawing two sides of a chasm together.

The strategy is two-fold:

  • Regular Heroic Encounters: Each orthodontic check-up is a strategic step forward, ensuring the gap is steadily closing.
  • The Virtue of Patience: Just like a hero’s journey, the transformation is gradual but rewarding, leading to a perfectly aligned ending.

As this chapter of our orthodontic adventure closes triumphantly, we celebrate another success in our mission to perfect smiles. Now, let’s shift gears and review some frequently asked questions about braces and bite corrections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if I or my child has a bite issue that needs braces?

A: Look for signs such as difficulty biting or chewing, jaw pain, uneven tooth wear or hearing clicking sounds from the jaw.

Q: How long does it take to correct a bite issue with braces?

A: The duration varies but typically ranges from 18 months to 3 years, depending on the complexity of the case.

Q: Is there discomfort associated with bite correction using braces?

A: Some mild discomfort is expected, especially after adjustments, but it’s manageable and temporary.

For more personalized information on braces and bite corrections, Dr. Johnston is ready to assist.


What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

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